Why buy at The CAB?


A location like no other

  • Right in the heart of the city.
  • Set in park-like surrounds.
  • Moments from Auckland's City.
  • Close to the new Central Rail Station.
  • Easy access to our motorways.
  • Five minutes’ walk to three parks.
  • Ample parking opportunities.
  • Village-like amenities nearby.
A guide for first home buyers

We know it can be hard to get on the property ladder, however using one, or a combination of available grants, subsidies, and deposit top ups, means it may be a lot easier than you think.

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A new build in an existing building


“A” Grade seismic rating.

High Standards

Originally constructed to a high standard by the government for the government.


All new double glazed floor to ceiling windows. (façade).


Bespoke interior design service available for truly customised interiors.


Interior finishes include as standard; wool carpets, marble bench tops, European appliances including induction cooking and wooden floors.

New Features

New lifts, plumbing and electrical throughout. Built to latest fire, safety and evacuation standards including two separate egress stairwells.


Meet Love & Co.

Very rarely do unrivalled commercial acumen and class-leading contemporary design converge to create a powerful lifestyle statement. Civic Quarter and The CAB, made with Love & Co. proves just how compelling this combination can be.

Love & Co. are dedicated to creating iconic Auckland apartments, homes and lifestyles that enhance the surrounding landscape around them, as much as the lives of the residents within. Read more.


Invest or nest in New Zealand's biggest city

Only a 10%* deposit secures your place at The CAB, with no more payments required until completion. Your deposit is held safely in Chapman Tripp’s Trust account and is not released to the developer until settlement.

Proven strong demand for inner city rentals generally means quality yields and low vacancy.

Inner city apartment values have historically shown strong capital growth.

Buying off the plans means the “bright line” test tax date starts from the date of the contract, not settlement. This means you can sign up now, and if you have a change of circumstance you should be able to sell at projected completion and pay no tax*.

Tax can help you fund your investment. If you are on salary and wages, you may be able to take advantage of tax deductions in relation to the costs incurred to earn your rental income. You can also apply for a Special Tax Code so you get the benefit of the deduction as you go, rather than having to wait unit the end of the tax year.*

New Zealand investment environment

New Zealand offers a modern and sophisticated lifestyle combined with an abundant natural environment that sets it apart from the rest of the world. It has a stable political environment, with two major parties and two minor parties largely making up Parliament.

New Zealand is similar in land area to Japan and Britain and has a population of approximately 4.7 million as at 2018. This low population density, abundant natural environment and varied geography offer an exceptional quality of life.

New Zealand is recognised as a stable democracy with transparent government, independent regulatory authorities, and ranks in the top two countries in the world for the lack of corruption and bribery.

Legal System

This is based on English common law system and is considered to offer fair and transparent justice.

Monetary Policy

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand supervises the banking system and is currently mandated to maintain annual inflation in a 1% to 3% band, to ensure a stable economy.

This mandate has recently been expanded to include intervention in currency markets to manage volatility in the exchange rate and a toolbox of macro prudential tools are designed to manage systemic risks to the economy. It also approves and supervises other banks.


New Zealand has an efficient tax system. The corporate tax rate is 28% for all companies and there is a maximum tax rate of 33% on personal income.

New Zealand also has a flexible Trust regime which is available to both residents and non residents which allows beneficiaries to receive income directly via pass through and caps the trustee income tax rate at 33%.

Withholding taxes apply to income repatriated by foreign investors, but New Zealand has double taxation agreements with 39 jurisdictions that generally reduce the withholding tax impost on the payment of interest (to 10%) and dividends (to a maximum of 15% and as low as 0% in certain circumstances).

In respect of both residential and commercial property investment there is currently no stamp duty, no land tax, and no formal capital gains tax.

*Please be aware that this does not consitute legal or financial advice. We advise you seek your own independent counsel and do your own due diligence. This information is intended as a guide only and does not constitute an offer or contract and does not form part of any sale and purchase agreement.


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